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For generations, homeownership has been an essential part of the American dream.

At nearly all income levels, investing in a home has enabled individuals and families to build equity and generate wealth.

Over time, homeownership and rising property values have proven to be a key part of upward mobility.

However, for too many Americans—particularly people of color—this dream has often been just out of reach.

Discrimination in Lending

The nation’s long history of redlining and systemic racism has disproportionately affected communities of color in their pursuit of affordable homeownership.

NCRC and our bank partners want to remedy this discrimination.

Why do so many families rent instead of own?

At GROWTH, we believe too many families are financially trapped into renting instead of owning. Some think paying rent will be easier and more affordable than paying a mortgage. In reality, a mortgage payment is often more affordable than rent.

That’s why, at GROWTH, we encourage and assist low- and moderate-income and minority homebuyers with affordable homeownership.

In fact, it’s so important, we made affordable homeownership our mission.

Our Mission

Making Homeownership Possible For More People

We believe in a future where everyone has the opportunity to own a home.  Let us help you start your journey.

What homebuyers have to say about purchasing a GROWTH home.

At nearly all income levels, investing in a home has enabled individuals and families to begin building equity and generating wealth.  Over time, rising property values have proven to be one of the surest paths to upward mobility.

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“With my wife in school, and having a single income household at the time. We figured it would be impossible to become homeowners at our age… We came across our home now, and was shocked to find a perfect house in a very nice neighborhood for a price we could afford. We would not have been able to be in
this neighborhood without the help of GROWTH…GROWTH gave us the opportunity to find a perfect home, and has allowed us to provide a nice home for our future family. Thank you for making this possible.”

– Alabama Homebuyer Story
Birmingham, Alabama

“I am grateful for NCRC’s program for the opportunity to buy this house. I am a veteran and I missed out on two other bids before GROWTH. Thank you for your great assistance and helping me successfully buy this amazing house ”

– Charles G.
Pittsburgh, PA

“I was very pleased with the work that was done on the property, the company did a great job on the renovations, and the process of purchasing the home was very easy.”

– New Jersey Buyer
East Orange, NJ

What kind of homes can you purchase from GROWTH?

Check out our rehab projects.